Your Junk Car Can
Become Your Treasure
- in Cash

If you have a junk car that isn't doing you much good, why not turn that vehicle into some bills in your pocket? At Cash For Cars in Rancho Penasquitos, CA, we make it easy for you to get some extra cash by selling us your junk car.

Junk or Not Junk? Sometimes It's Not So Easy to Tell

When a vehicle is no longer running and is either unable to be fixed or would take more time and money than it's worth to make it road-worthy again, then the car is probably junk. But cars that are clunkers are not always in such dilapidated condition, so it can sometimes be hard to determine if you're clinging to Old Dependable Betsy or if you're grasping at straws trying to squeeze the last breath of life out of your old beater.

It might be time to trade in your old junker for something better. You can grab hold of some extra moolah to add to your fund by selling your unwanted, and frankly junk, vehicle. It might be time to sell when any of the following are true:

  • Your automobile spends more time parked in the driveway or at the local garage than on the road with you cruising it behind the wheel;
  • Your vehicle has been severely damaged in an accident and may have structural issues, such as a cracked frame, that might affect safety;
  • Your car spews as much fluids as Old Faithful, and you find it difficult to keep up on the cost of adding these fluids every time you need to go out;
  • You already have another vehicle to get you where you need to go, but you didn't think you could get any money from selling it.

If any of these, or a vast array of other reasons, apply to you, you could get money that can really help you out for other things by selling your car to us.

Why Sell to Us?

Simply put, we pay cash for junk cars. Even if it's not running at all, we'll come and pick it up and put some cold hard cash in your hands in its place. What an easy and beneficial trade-off. Call us at (858) 524-3606 or fill out our form here online. We'll ask you a few questions and make you a cash offer right away so you can get some bucks lickity-split.